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Open Access | Published: 2018 - Issue 2

A Study of the Effect of Self -Care Program Based On Orem’s Model On the Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure Download PDF

Alizadeh S, Aghakhani N, Hemmati Maslakpak M, Khademvatan K

Background & Aims: Heart failure is one of the most common cardiovascular disorders and raised as a chronic, progressive and debilitating disorder causing deterioration of physical ability, disruption of personal and social relations, decreased ability to perform job responsibilities, economic and livelihood problems and finally, compromising quality of life of patients with heart failure. In order to solve these problems, nursing interventions, including new teaching methods are needed. This study aimed to investigate the effect of self-care program based on Orem’s model on the quality of life in patients with heart failure.

Materials & Methods: In present clinical trial on 60 patients with heart failure admitted to Seyyed al-Shohada Hospital in Urmia, the samples were selected by using convenience sampling method and randomly divided into two 30-patient experimental and control groups. Data collection tools were Orem’s self-care model-based needs assessment forms and MacNew quality-of-life questionnaire. The data was collected before and three months after implementing the self-care program. Data was analyzed using chi-square test, independent t-test, Man-Witney U test and variance analysis.

Results: after intervention, in experimental and control groups, the total mean of quality of life was reached from 92.83±5.35 to 101.13±7.89 and from89.73±8.48 to 89.72±5.69, respectively. There was a significant difference between the two groups after intervention in all aspects of quality of life including the physical, psychological and social dimensions and this result demonstrated the increased quality of life in the experimental groups (p=0.000).

Discussion and Conclusion:  given the positive effect of implementation of Orem’s self-care model on improving the quality of life of patients with heart failure, it is recommended that nurses and other healthcare providers implement self-care program in patients with heart failure based on nursing theories and health care programs to improve their quality of life. 


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