Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 5

Anti-Anemic Activity of Dhatryadi Ghrita In Phenyl Hydrazine-Treated Wistar Rats ‎‎

Rashmi Saxena Pal , Amrita Mishra

Objective: Herbal formulations based on plants are effective against anemia. The influence of Dhatryadi Ghrita on blood glucose levels and some biochemical parameters were assessed. Background: Herbal drugs constitute a major part of all conventional systems of medicine. Researchers have no doubt that nature is still the preeminent synthetic chemist and that in plants, especially; there are almost infinite reserves of chemical constituents with actual and potential impacts on human body. Methods: Group I anemic control received distilled water from day 2 to 14. Group II positive control treated with Vitamin B 12 syrup 1 mL/day from day 2 to 14. Group III test group treated with 100 mg/kg/day of Dhatryadi Ghrita from day 2 to 14. Group IV test group treated with 200 mg/kg/day of Dhatryadi Ghrita from day 2 to day 14. Group V test group treated with 300 mg/kg/day of Dhatryadi Ghrita from day 2 to day 14. Results: Anemia was induced successfully in Groups I, II, III, IV, and V, which was indicated by a mean reduction of RBC and hemoglobin. Analysis of hematological parameters on days 14 and 28 showed significant effects. Conclusion: This study, not only substantiates the traditional uses of Dhatryadi Ghrita but also suggests its inclusion in the treatment of anemia as it exhibited significant anti-anemic activity‎‎‎‎.