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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 1

Evaluation of Patients' Satisfaction With Emergency Wards After Implementation of Health Promotion Plan, Jahrom 2016 Download PDF

Neda Poornowrooz, Jalil Azizi, Mosallanzhad Zahra, Najme Sadeghi, Mohsen Hojat

Introduction: The aim of this study was to determine the satisfaction rate of patients from emergency wards of educational hospitals affiliated to Jahrom University of Medical Sciences after implementation of health promotion plan. Method: This is an ex-post facto study. The sample size calculated 720 patients by Cochran formula (α = 95%). All the patients, except cancer patients and deceased participated in this study. A researcher-making questionnaire used to collect data. The questionnaire consisted of 37 questions. All the questions were graded Yes (1) or No (0). Data were analyzed by SPSS:16 software. Results: 77.89% of the patients were satisfied with the quality of services in the emergency wards. 70.98% of the patients were satisfied with the facilities and expenses, 87.93% with the auxiliary services and 82.46% with the special services. There is a significant statistical correlation between gender and patients’ satisfaction level by the Chi-square test (p=0.03). By the Chi-square and Pearson tests, no significant relationship was found between the education level, age, marriage and income with the patients’ satisfaction (p>0.05). By using the multivariate linear regression test in Stepwise method, only job was which could predict 16.9% the variations of the patients' satisfaction score from the emergency wards, its effect was (Beta=-0.411). Conclusion: Considering to the high patients' satisfaction rate of the emergency wards and the effectiveness of the performed, the health promotion plan, it is recommend that a comprehensive program prepare and implement in the low-level item of satisfaction, such as facilities and equipment.

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