Archive \ Volume.11 2020 Issue 2

Overview of The Holodoctor Software Package ‎‎

T.A. Suleymanov , A. M. Kosinkova , A. E. Mishvelov , S.N. Povetkin , A. N. Simonov , I.V. Ziruk

The article provides an overview of a novel program software package, HoloDoctor, which has been developed for surgical operations planning using 3D-models of patients' organs or systems of organs. The software package consists of three main modules: an Anatomical Atlas module, a Data analysis module, and a Surgical planning simulation module, so the overview shows results of the analysis of each module.

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Suleymanov T, Kosinkova A M, Mishvelov A E, Povetkin S, Simonov A N, Ziruk I. Overview of The Holodoctor Software Package ‎‎ . Pharmacophore 2020;11(2):65-72