Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 2

The Effectiveness of the Medical Decision-Making Support System ‎‎"Electronic Clinical Pharmacologist" In the Management Of ‎Patients Therapeutic Profile

G. A. Bledzhyants , A. E. Mishvelov , K.V. Nuzhnaya and et al

Objective: There is a huge amount of new information about drugs in the scientific world every day ‎that cannot be tracked in time and the practitioner cannot be remembered. There is a large flow ‎of patient data, in the clinical practice, where medical information systems are used, which, ‎unfortunately, is not fully processed in real time. The objective of the present study was to ‎decide about the problem by using ECF. ‎ Methods: As the semantic core in the ECF was used by the UMKB, which accumulates knowledge ‎from all areas of practical medicine and basic science, starting with the clinical experience of ‎doctors and ending with general pharmacology. Within the framework of UMKB, a separate ‎area is developed, where knowledge in the field of pharmacology is presented in the form of a ‎semantic network.‎ Results: The patient was successfully treated with the support of the ECF system. Pain syndrome ‎in the patient was stopped almost immediately after 2 days, sleep was restored, and the patient ‎stopped waking up in the middle of the night due to pain.‎ Conclusion: Based on the results of the tests the ECF system was introduced into practice in several ‎Russian clinics.