Archive \ Volume.10 2019 Issue 2

The New Efficiency of the «SRMP» – Listerias ‎Growth-Promoting Factor During Factory Cultivation

M. N. Sizonenko , L. D. Timchenko , I. V. Rzhepakovskiy and et al

Despite the established technological regulations and clearly tried-and-true vaccine production mechanisms, there are certain difficulties both in the cultivation process and at the stage of freeze-drying, including" dry live vaccine from the "AUF" strain against the farm animals' listeriosis". Listeria growth-promoting factor "SRMP" was tested on the quails’ egg embryonic tissue at different stages of preparation of the vaccine against the farm animals' listeriosis. The addition of 1% SRMP to the Hottinger's agar was effective at all the factory cultivation stages, and the mass of the Listeria monocytogenes, cultivated in the fermenter, increased by 25%. The addition of 1% SRMP to the drying environment of the vaccine against the farm animals' listeriosis enabled the microorganisms survival increase after lyophilization by 13% compared to the factory vaccine. Even after 12 months of vaccine storage, the Listeria survival rate in the vaccine with 13.3% SRMP was higher than in the factory vaccine‎‎.