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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 1

A New Vision to Eye: Novel Ocular Drug Delivery System Download PDF

Archana Dhyani, Ganesh Kumar

The review article is about the present trends and approaches used in the expansion of ocular drug release systems. The article begins with a concise sketch of the common anatomy of eye. Further, the approaches used in the development of ocular formulations are discussed. Approaches such as mucoadhesion, in-situ gels, colloidal carriers like nanoparticles, liposomes, niosomes, microemulsions, and microparticles are broadly reviewed. The challenges in ocular drug delivery are due to exceptional anatomy and physiology of eye. The usual dosage forms suffer from a range of drawback like quick precorneal removal, deficient of sustained and controlled drug release system, drainage of drug by gravity. To get the capable ocular delivery, an adequate quantity of active ingredient must be distributed in the eye. The improvement of controlled and sustained drug delivery system, prodrug formulation and diverse penetration enhancers increase the possibility of booming treatment of a range of ocular ailment.

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