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Open Access | Published: 2022 - Issue 4

A Review of Potential Hepatoprotective Compounds from Medicinal Plants Download PDF


Diseases of the liver are among the leading causes of death in humans around the world. A variety of factors, including alcoholism, hepatitis B and C, cirrhosis, and cancer, can contribute to the development of liver disease. Some liver diseases are treatable with medication, but others require surgery or a liver transplant. Hepatoprotective agents are substances that protect the liver from damage. It is the hope of the many researchers who are currently working on the development of new types of hepatoprotective agents that they will eventually be able to provide an adequate level of protection for individuals who are at an increased risk of developing liver disease. It is without a doubt that natural products can be valuable sources of drug leads. In the pharmaceutical industry, natural products have long been recognized as potential leads for the development of new medicines. The potential benefits of phytochemicals and their hepatoprotective mechanism understanding is a scientific challenging, but their importance has been largely unrecognized. This review discusses a wide range of hepatoprotective compounds derived from different plant sources. The study includes both extracts of medicinal plants and isolated compounds.  It appears that these agents may be effective in protecting the liver against various insults, including viral hepatitis, alcohol-induced and drug-induced liver damage. Overall, this review provides an overview of some of the most promising hepatoprotective compounds from plant sources and suggests that further research is necessary to fully understand their potential health benefits.

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Nagarajan S. A Review of Potential Hepatoprotective Compounds from Medicinal Plants. Pharmacophore. 2022;13(4):8-22.
Nagarajan, S. (2022). A Review of Potential Hepatoprotective Compounds from Medicinal Plants. Pharmacophore, 13(4), 8-22.

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