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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 4

A Review On Skin Infections Among Children and Its Prevalence in School Environment Download PDF

Mohammad Ali Shakeri Hosseinabad, Farzad Abdolhazadeh

Skin problems are common among students of which the vulnerable age group are children who are in a close and continoues contact with each other in school environment and prone to these skin disease. Some limited information about the prevalence of infectious skin diseases among students is available. In this study we have tried to review articles associated with the prevalence of infectious skin diseases and disordrs caused by fungal infections in school environment.
 Material and method: The study was carried out by searching with the following Keyword: Fungal infection, schools, practices, early treatment, children, and diagnosis.  Database used includes Google Scholar, PubMed, Scopus, Meg Iran, and Iran Seed Doc. Artciles from 1990 to 2016 articles related to this issue were identified and analyzed. Of the 90 articles, 40 papers were related to fungal skin infections and eczema. 
Findings: The first review of the literature associated with these disease, investigating the fungal skin infections among children in school and early diagnosis make a great help in the treatment and prevention of outbreaks. (Consider changing these)
Conclusion: Dry skin diseases and fungal infection is common among children due to their contact with their peers. And in the meantime should try to diagnosis, prevention and treatment for these individuals, according to review articles carried out on children of different ages indicates the more attention to school children and the early diagnosis and treatment of these skin disease among them To stop the outbreak, And to avoid the phisical cost and psychological effects, health centers provide a basic health education programs between parents and educators at schools.

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