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Open Access | Published: 2023 - Issue 2

A Review on the Effect of Keratoconus Patient’s Welfare Download PDF

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Improving the quality of life of patients is one of the main problems of modern medicine. The emergence of new modern methods of treatment has significantly slowed the progression of many diseases. Diseases associated with the cornea are one of the primary causes of visual impairment. According to statistics, every fourth patient with vision problems has a corneal disease. The problem of keratoconus is one of the most urgent all over the world. The disease is widespread, affecting the young able-bodied population. Many scientists in their scientific papers consider options for the development of keratoconus: hereditary, environmental, mechanical damage, allergic and many others. The development of the disease leads to a deterioration in the standard of living of patients. The improvement of indicators coincided with the surgical method of treatment – crosslinking. The results showed that the level of anxiety decreased in patients, which led to an improvement in indicators. Thanks to the new diagnostic capabilities of medicine, it becomes possible to study the quality of life of patients with this disease and try to improve it during treatment.

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Umarkhadzhieva TA, Lotareva ET, Gulyan VG, Knurenko MV, Aushev MM, Tepsuev YS. A Review on the Effect of Keratoconus Patient’s Welfare. Pharmacophore. 2023;14(2):79-84.
Umarkhadzhieva, T. A., Lotareva, E. T., Gulyan, V. G., Knurenko, M. V., Aushev, M. M., & Tepsuev, Y. S. (2023). A Review on the Effect of Keratoconus Patient’s Welfare. Pharmacophore, 14(2), 79-84.

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