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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 0 supplementary

A study of the relationship between clinical competency with happiness among nurses in teaching hospitals in Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2016 Download PDF

Naser madadizadeh1, Mansour Arab2*, Mansooreh Aziz Zadeh3, Mahlagha Dehghan4

Background and objective: clinical competency and happiness are two variables that influence the quality of nursing care. various factors, such as rapid change in health monitoring systems, the need for safe and affordable services, raising the community’s awareness about health-related issues and increased expectation of receiving quality services, are associated with these two concepts. Therefore, the present study aimed to determine the relationship between clinical competency and happiness of nurses in educational hospitals affiliated to the Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2016. Methods: the present research is a cross-sectional, descriptive-correlational study which was conducted with the aim of examining the relationship between clinical competency and happiness. A sample of 291 nurses completed the demographic information questionnaire, a questionnaire on nurses’ clinical competence and Oxford happiness questionnaire. After filling the questionnaires and collecting data, the data were analyzed using SPSS V.18 software. Descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, average and standard deviation) and inferential test of Spearman’s correlation coefficient were used for data analysis. Results: total average of nurses’ clinical competency was 2.990.5. About 50.2%, 47.4% and 2.4% of nurses had high, moderate and low clinical competency, respectively. Moreover, happiness of about 66.7% of nurses was at average level. The results of Spearman’s test showed that there is positive significant relationship between clinical competency and happiness (p0.5). Conclusion: according to the results of the present study, there is a positive significant relationship between happiness and clinical competency and higher the nurses’ happiness level is, the higher, their clinical competency level is. Therefore, it is suggested that nursing custodians do some interventions to improve the nurses’ happiness level and thus, increase their clinical competency.
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