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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 0 supplementary

A Survey of Postural Deviations, Resulting in The Development of Computer Games and The Role of Exercise Therapy for Low Back Pain Correction Download PDF

Mojtaba Babaei Khorzoghi1, Danial golbidi2, Mohammad Hasan Kordi Ashkezari3, Jafar Ketabchi4*, Jahangir Hamidi Tehrani5

Background: Available data indicates that there are some relations between computer games and postural deformities in children, but these data are less clear. The aim of this study is to find the effect of a short term exercise therapy on disability, postural correction and low back pain in computer game players. Methods: the 48 persons of game players in coffee nets of Isfahan who to part in this survey were suffering from back pain and 96 persons with the same age from 14 to 25 participated in this study voluntarily were health. Users with low back pain were treated for twelve weeks of exercise therapy The pain intensity and disability of the subjects were measured through applying QUEBEC and OSWERTRY questionnaires. Posture screen and tested by a qualified physical body through postural deviations were used in different situations. All variables were measured again after treatment. Results: The prevalence of low back pain and disability after treatment, respectively, 53% and 58% recovered. The Average of total deviations of center of gravity in experimental group before treatment were 4/0 ± 7/2 vs. 3/0 ± 2/1 2/25 in healthy individuals. Experimental group show greater postural deviations about 2/25 times relative to health group, but after treatment with 53% recovery, posture of experimental group and healthy individuals were similar. Conclusion: Users of computer games with back pain had greater postural deviations. Exercise Therapy leads to improvement in pain, disability and postural deviations in computer games users. Posture correction exercises should included for low back pain patients and users of modern computer games (games with dynamic sensor) and computer games.
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