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Open Access | Published: 2022 - Issue 1

Acne Vulgaris among Adolescent Females in Arar City, Northern Saudi Arabia Download PDF

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We aimed to assess the prevalence of Acne Vulgaris, factors aggravating the appearance of acne vulgaris and its psychological impact on adolescent females in Arar city, Saudi Arabia. From May 1 to October 30, 2020, community-based cross-sectional research was steered in Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia. Adolescent females from a secondary school that was chosen at random made up the study population. The SPSS program was used to assemble and analyze the data, and the findings were examined using frequencies and the Chi-squared test if necessary.
According to our findings, 15.1% of participating females aged less than 15 and 84.9% were between 15- 18 years old. 96.9% of them were Saudi, and 3.1% were non-Saudi. Acne appeared during 13- 16 years of age in 59.3% of the cases. 45.9% of respondents had acne on their faces. Increased acne appearance due to consumption of certain types of food was reported in our study (46.7% fatty meals, 31.4% chocolate, 15.1% spicy food and 6.9% soft drinks). Here stayed non-significant connotation amid acne and age, social status, father of mother working and educational level. We established substantial connotations between smoking and the appearance of acne. Acne Vulgaris prevalence among adolescent Saudi Females is near the published figures. Acne had psychological effects on adolescent girls causing low self-confidence and depression symptoms. Awareness should be raised among this age group about the nature of the disease, appearance of acne, factors increasing and factors decreasing acne, causes of acne and treatment strategies for acne vulgaris.
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Alenezy DA, Alshammari MRM, Alanazi ANF, Alshammari NNZ, Alrawaili SDK. Acne Vulgaris among Adolescent Females in Arar City, Northern Saudi Arabia. Pharmacophore. 2022;13(1):100-7.
Alenezy, D. A., Alshammari, M. R. M., Alanazi, A. N. F., Alshammari, N. N. Z., & Alrawaili, S. D. K. (2022). Acne Vulgaris among Adolescent Females in Arar City, Northern Saudi Arabia. Pharmacophore, 13(1), 100-107.

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