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Open Access | Published: 2021 - Issue 5

Airway Obstruction as a Cause of Malocclusion: A Systematic Review Download PDF

Miral Abdulaziz Alsowaidan, Zahra Ahmed Alhuwayji, Areej Hisham Almalki, Ahad Mohammed Alomani, Zahra Ali Bu Khader, Reem Abdullah Alabbad, Bader Soliman Alhussain

Malocclusions can occur due to the airway obstruction and the developmental process that the obstruction limits. The purpose of this study is to uncover whether airway obstruction is a cause of malocclusion. The systematic review involved the identification of relevant articles on the Google Scholar, Cochrane Library, and PubMed databases. Studies published between 2011 and 2021 were obtained, screened, and assessed for eligibility using the PRISMA guidelines. The outcomes were summarized in a table. 14 studies were included for the systematic review, with the average number of participants they analyzed being seven to 9,098. The studies revealed the existence of an association between airway obstruction and dental malocclusion, majorly of Class II and III. They also indicated that some of the conditions that cause airway obstruction include rhinitis, asthma, tonsilitis, and sleep apnea, which are also associated with malocclusion. Mouth breathing, especially during childhood, affects the development of craniofacial patterns, which can cause malocclusion. There is a significant association between airway obstruction and malocclusion, implying that airway obstruction is one of the causes of Class I, II, and III malocclusions.


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Alsowaidan MA, Alhuwayji ZA, Almalki AH, Alomani AM, Khader ZAB, Alabbad RA, et al. Airway Obstruction as a Cause of Malocclusion: A Systematic Review. Pharmacophore. 2021;12(5):92-7.
Alsowaidan, M. A., Alhuwayji, Z. A., Almalki, A. H., Alomani, A. M., Khader, Z. A. B., Alabbad, R. A., & Alhussain, B. S. (2021). Airway Obstruction as a Cause of Malocclusion: A Systematic Review. Pharmacophore, 12(5), 92-97.

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