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Open Access | Published: 2021 - Issue 1

An Overview on Idiopathic Scoliosis Diagnosis and Management in Orthopedic Care Download PDF

Raad Matar M Althaqafi, Faisal Khalaf Altowairqi, Alghofaili Abdulaziz Fahad, Majed Zaki A Bahader, Abdullah Abdulaziz H Althomali, Yousef Abdulghafoor Neyaz, Alrubaei Faisal Sultan, Khalid Eidhah M Althobaiti, Amani Ali Basardah, Ali Yousef Al Furaydan, Bandar Ibrahim Mokli, Abdulrahem Ali Shubair

Spinal deformities since ancient times have been diagnosed and managed by Hippocrates and Galen and were discussed and described based on scientific fundamental principles that are often experimented theories that focused on logical analysis and observation that led to impressive ways of management using spinal traction and manipulation. The different etiological roots of scoliosis suggested that there was no standardized or systemic classification for the etiology of scoliosis. Thus, certain conservative and surgical interventions were imposed and were considered as the optimal disease therapeutic and assessment measures especially in cases of idiopathic scoliosis. The SOSORT (the Society in Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment) project was first introduced back in 2005 and is renewed every 3 to 5 years under the guidance of high-quality clinical trials to provide new descriptive and informative guidelines for professionals involving conservative idiopathic scoliosis management. To highlight the importance of SOSORT and the scoliosis research society in orthopedic care.
A systematic review of MEDLINE and PubMed databases was collected to identify published relevant articles, documents, and multiple literature reviews using the following keywords: “adult scoliosis surgery,” “Idiopathic scoliosis,” “adult spine deformity surgery,” “Treatment,” “Guidelines” “outcomes,” and “complications’. The therapeutic goals for treating scoliosis rely on adopting conservative and intraoperative maneuvers to correct the deformity and prevent further deterioration. The SOSORT guidelines have always been a big offer to overview for the developed evidence on scoliosis field in specific.
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Althaqafi RMM, Altowairqi FK, Fahad AA, Bahader MZA, Althomali AAH, Neyaz YA, et al. An Overview on Idiopathic Scoliosis Diagnosis and Management in Orthopedic Care. Pharmacophore. 2021;12(1):102-5.
Althaqafi, R. M. M., Altowairqi, F. K., Fahad, A. A., Bahader, M. Z. A., Althomali, A. A. H., Neyaz, Y. A., Sultan, A. F., Althobaiti, K. E. M., Basardah, A. A., Furaydan, A. Y. A., et al. (2021). An Overview on Idiopathic Scoliosis Diagnosis and Management in Orthopedic Care. Pharmacophore, 12(1), 102-105.

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