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Open Access | Published: 2023 - Issue 2

Analysis of the Antimicrobial Drugs Market in Russia Download PDF

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Most inflammatory diseases in the human body are provoked by microorganisms. Bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, conjunctivitis, cystitis, endometritis, inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries, and many other diseases in modern treatment protocols of all countries contain antimicrobial substances. Treatment of various bacterial infections (for example, chlamydia, scarlet fever, streptodermia, meningitis, and tuberculosis) is impossible without antimicrobial therapy. Viral diseases (herpes infections, chickenpox, hepatitis B and C, HIV) at the present stage are susceptible to the effects of antiviral drugs. Fungal diseases of the skin, nails, mucous membranes, and systemic mycoses are treated with antibiotics. Protozoa cause such protozoal infections as giardiasis, amoebic dysentery, trichomoniasis, malaria, and toxoplasmosis. In such infections, antiprotozoal antimicrobial medications are prescribed. Thus, the spectrum of effects of these agents is directed at bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa. This article provides a brief description of the types of antimicrobials, as well as an analysis of the antimicrobial drugs market in Russia.

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Khazamova SO, Lazareva NV, Semenova LV, Lukyanov GI, Kolosova OY, Kamalova ON. Analysis of the Antimicrobial Drugs Market in Russia. Pharmacophore. 2023;14(2):30-6.
Khazamova, S. O., Lazareva, N. V., Semenova, L. V., Lukyanov, G. I., Kolosova, O. Y., & Kamalova, O. N. (2023). Analysis of the Antimicrobial Drugs Market in Russia. Pharmacophore, 14(2), 30-36.

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