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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 4

Antibacterial Activities of Melissa Officinalis L. Extracts Against Various Micrococcus Species Isolated From Football Player's Shoes and Its Antioxidant Activities Download PDF

Okmen A. S.

Objective / Purpose: The bacteria have an easier entry into the sportsman’s epidermis. Particularly Staphylococcus aureus, commonly determined on the skin or in the nose. The purpose of the study is to search the lack of knowledge about the antibacterial effects of Melissa officinalis extracts against bacteria isolated from football player’s shoes and its antioxidant effects. Materials and Methods: These bacteria obtained from previous studies by Dr. Ahmet Sadan Okmen. The bacteria were isolated from soccer player’s shoes from Bal?kesir Spor soccer team after the competition. Additionally, M. officinalis (bract) was obtained commercially from herbalists in Mugla. Antibacterial activities of the extracts were tested against eight bacterial strains. In antibacterial activity studies, the plant extracts were tested by disc diffusion assay. In addition, the plant extracts were studied by DPPH radical scavenging activity. Results: The highest antibacterial activities in bacteria were determined on M. sedentarius BFT28 (18 mm) for M. officinalis. The different extracts possessed antibacterial activity, and showed MIC effect at 3250 μg/mL. The highest antioxidant activity of M. officinalis was determined from methanol extract of plant by DPPH assay. This ratio is about 87 %. Conclusion / Discussion: Different extracts of M. officinalis have antibacterial and antioxidant potential. The extracts from Melissa officinalis can be used for foot health.

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