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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 3

Antihelminthic Activity of Different Extracts of Dendrobium Ochreatum Download PDF

Janmajoy Banerjee, Biplab Kumar Dey

Dendrobium ochreatum whole plant was used in this study, each of plant parts like root stem and leaf powder was subjected to extraction using three different solvents i.e. hexane, chloroform and ethanol successively in gradient elution technique. All total nine extracts were obtained which were further proceeded to antihelminthics activity against Indian earthworm comparing with standard drug Mebendazole. Extracts were diluted and different concentrations of plant extracts were prepared in distilled water dissolved in 6% Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO). The concentrations prepared were 1000 µg/ml, 800 µg/ml, 600 µg/ml and 400 µg/ml for all the extracts. Observations were made for the time taken to cause paralysis and death of individual worms. The paralyzing and death times were noted and their averages were calculated for each plate containing 6 worms for an individual concentration followed by calculating mean paralyzing and death. The results signify that out of nine extracts the ethanolic extracts of root exhibited comparatively better activity among all extracts in terms of paralyzing (31±0.45 min) and death time (58±0.63 min).
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