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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 4

Assessing the Scientific Competency of New Graduate Nurses in Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Since 2009 to 2016 Download PDF

Mozhdeh Rahmanian, Mojtaba Zeini Jahromi, Nehle Parandavar and et al

Introduction: One of the main challenges of nursing is the performance of new graduate nurses, because their entry into the clinical situations can be opportunity or threat. The present study conducted to investigate the scientific competency of new graduate nurses. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study conducted at Jahrom University of Medical Sciences since 2009 to 2016. By census method, 400 new graduate nurses (70-35 annually) selected. A theoretical test (36-score) from the standardized question bank was taking in 12 areas. A demographic questionnaire was using, which was valid (CVI: .89, CVR: .93, IS 3.5) and reliable by test re-test (r: .95). Data analyze done by SPSS16.  Results: The total mean 24.65(.037). The highest mean was related to Myocardial infarction 2.89 (0.27) and the lowest mean was related to Disaster & Triage area with 1.12 (0.45). There were a significant correlation between the gender (p=0.015) and university (p=0.005) and work experience (p=0.001) with scientific competency. Conclusion: Several factors such as gender, university, and work experience can be involved in success in entrance exam, but paying attention to acquisitive factors such as average for selecting the new graduate nurses can be very important.

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