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Open Access | Published: 2018 - Issue 1

Barriers and Facilitators Facing the Male Students During the Baccalaureate Nursing Program Download PDF

Ashraf Amin Abdelazeem, Azza Abdeldayem Atta, Saher Hamdy Elsayed

Background: The nursing program demands strategies to overcome the male nursing students' barriers, and reinforce their facilitators as attracting more male students to the nursing program will increase the professional nurses' number and can alleviate the serious nursing shortage. This study aimed to determine the male nursing students' barriers and facilitators during the baccalaureate nursing program. Design: A descriptive design was utilized in this study. Setting: This study was conducted in the Faculty of Nursing-Zagazig University. Subjects: A convenience sample of the male nursing students from second, third, and fourth academic years (n=277). Tools of data collection: A questionnaire sheet composed of three parts: personal characteristics, inventory of male friendliness in nursing programs-short, and the facilitators for men during nursing education. Results: Revealed that the most common barriers facing the male nursing students were related to the students themselves, followed by the training in the hospital (73.16% & 56.19%, respectively). The most common male nursing students' facilitators during the baccalaureate nursing program were related to the family & friends, followed by the students themselves, and the training in the hospitals (67.9%, 64.3% & 62.3% respectively). Recommendations: Research must continue to explore gender bias in nursing program, and the implications of this bias on attracting, recruitment and retention of men in the nursing profession.

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