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Open Access | Published: 2018 - Issue 6

Chronic Open-Angle Glaucoma and Its Association with The Cup Shape in Referral Ophthalmology Centre Download PDF

Gholamhossin Yaghoobi, Behrouz Heydari, Saeed Reza Heydari, Fahimah Poorabdolahi, Gholamreza.Sharifzadeh

Purpose: To determine prevalence of chronic open-angle glaucoma and its association with the cup shape among the patients referred to Ophthalmology Clinic. 
Methodology: Among those aged over 40 years without inflammatory and congenital ocular diseases referred to Ophthalmology Clinic in two days of week, the subjects were selected for the study during a period of 6 months.
Results: The mean age of 312 subjects was 58.5±11.4 with a maximum and minimum of 110 and 40, respectively. Cup shape in the studied population was mostly flat with a frequency of 62.4% (78 cases) in the left eye and 62.11% (77 cases) in the right eye. Funnel shape of cup observed in 26 cases (20.8% in the left eye and 26 cases (21%) in the right eye. Mean IOP in the left and right eyes was equal to 14.85±2.95 mmHg and 14.9±2.86 mmHg, respectively. In both of eyes, no significant relationship was found between cup shape and normal tension glaucoma (NTG) and open-angle glaucoma (OAG
Conclusion: Prevalence of open angle glaucoma in the study population was 7.1% that is higher than the rate obtained in other studies. In addition, the prevalence of normal tension glaucoma (NTG) (14.1%) was much higher than prevalence in other studies. There was not significant relationship between the cup shape and prevalence of glaucoma.

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