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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 3

Current Practices in Insulin and Vaccine Storage Download PDF

Pranay Wal, Simran Wadhwa, Ankita Wal

The prevalence of diabetes is increasing day by day throughout the world, and to obtain glycemic effect, people need a life saving drug called “Insulin”. This article covered the current storage of Insulin and vaccines in different zones, and problems related to their handling and storage due to temperature conditions where maximum cases were seen as denaturation or loss of insulin and vaccines potency due to the improper handling or failure to maintain the cold chain, or maybe due to the absence of the proper storage facilities in rural or the semi rural parts, thus as a result, a lot many cases of hazardous insulin and vaccines were seen. This article dealt with the current storage and handling practices of insulin & vaccines. A few storage devices have been discussed in the article such as goat skin, zeer pot, and clay/mud pots. The demerits included the points that they failed to provide the required storage conditions, were unhygienic, and there were portability problems; and the merit included the point that they worked even without the electricity supply. A few newer methods included friocase, medicool, portable insulin fridge, etc; the merits were the points that they were portable, provided required temperature for longer hours; and the demerits were the points that a lot of them failed to work when the electricity was not supplied. This article was an attempt to create awareness, review, understand, and enhance the view on vaccine and insulin storage conditions and maintaining cold chain protocol, thus, ensure the highest standard of health care in this area.

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