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Open Access | Published: 2020 - Issue 1

Development of A Prototype of A «Smart Ward» As an Element of a Digital Polyclinic ‎ Download PDF

A.T. Orsaeva, L.A. Tamrieva, A.E. Mischvelov, S.S. Osadchiy, G.V. Osipchuk, S.N. Povetkin, A. N. Simonov

In Russia, smart wards are not used in ordinary clinics and hospitals, since ready-made solutions in this area are expensive and need special equipment and retraining of specialists serving a smart ward. Unfortunately, only private clinics in Russia can afford to purchase smart wards that are currently on the market. The created prototype of a smart ward will allow for the first time in the North Caucasus Federal District to implement network monitoring of a patient using various physiological sensors (real-time monitoring on a medical tablet or a doctor's computer), two-way communication with medical personnel using a mobile telemedicine diagnostic complex and automatic control of the environment. The medical information system will serve to manage the smart ward and monitor patients in a real time, and the software will be created that will allow the doctor to monitor the condition of patients using medical tablets or stationary computers.

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