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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 0 supplementary

Effectiveness of encouragement skills training on marital conflicts and the anxiety of women referring to the counseling centers of Isfahan, Iran Download PDF

Mahnaz Kazemian1, Maliheh Sadat Kazemi2, Leila Akbari3 Sima Ghezelbash4 Elham Nasiri5, Samira Abbasi6*

Background: Considering the importance of reducing marital conflicts and its mental consequences such as depression and anxiety, the aim of the present study was to determine the effectiveness of encouragement skills of marital conflicts and anxiety of women referring to the counseling centers of Isfahan. Methods: The present study was a semi-experimental controlled study with a pre and post design. Participants were selected using convenient sampling method and 30 women who referred to the counseling center of Farabi hospital of Isfahan were selected as participants. Then, participants were randomly allocated into two groups of intervention (15 participants) and control (15 participates). Participants of the intervention group attended 10 sessions for learning encouragement skills. Data were gathered using Beck’s anxiety questionnaire and revised marital conflicts questionnaire (MCQ). Data were analyzed using covariance analysis. Results: According to the results, the highest scores of marital conflicts (141.1) and anxiety (39.7) in the intervention group were gained at the pre-test stage. Results of covariance analysis showed the significant effect of encouragement sills training on marital conflicts and its aspects and also the level of anxiety among the women in the intervention group (p < 0.05). Conclusions: Based on the results of the present study, by learning encouragement skills, couples could improve their relationship with other through reducing their marital conflicts, increasing their intimacy and having more satisfaction with their lives.
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