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Open Access | Published: 2018 - Issue 4

Experience of Nursing Teachers of Moral Distress Characteristic: A Qualitative Study Download PDF

Shiva Pejmankhah, Abbas Abbaszadeh and et al

Introduction: Moral distress represents one of the common ethical issues among teachers. These tensions can affect the teachers’ work life and the quality of teaching. The objective of the current essay is as saying the experience of nursing teachers of moral distress characteristics. Method: 13 nursing teachers participated in this qualitative study in the form of face-to-face and semi-structured interviews. Data were analyzed by conventional qualitative content analysis method. Findings: The chief classes acquired out of the experience of nursing teachers as regards moral distress were consisted of valuation of the situation, getting entangled in the situation, mental involvement and unavoidability. Findings: The results of the current study showed that moral distress can affect the values, beliefs and creeds of the teachers. Its characteristics of repeatability and unavoidability together bring about a situation where nursing teachers face situation management challenges and this affects the educational quality. Then it is suggested some strategies to be thought for identification and reduction of moral distress in nursing teachers.

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