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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 3

Holodoctor Planning Software Real-Time Surgical ‎Intervention Download PDF

G. J. Hite, A. E. Mishvelov, E. A. Melchenko and et al

Objective: Today we have quite a lot of methods of examination, which include ‎computer and MRI, ultrasound with three-dimensional image reconstruction, etc. ‎However, there are cases when it is difficult to isolate a tumor from an organ and ‎calculate its volume characteristics, for example, tumor in the abdomen. So, it is ‎important to carry out analytical research of modern computer software ability and ‎to find the optimal one.  ‎Methods: The following programs were used to compare the results of studies (CT and ‎MRI reconstruction): Vitrea2 and DoctorCT-Slicer. Of more than 300 patients, ‎mostly with kidney disease, who underwent examination and processing of the ‎results using these programs in the CCC, a random sample of 120 people, formed ‎three comparison groups. 60 clinical cases were treated using the program Vitrea2 ‎and the results of the 60 clinical cases were processed through our AT the ‎HoloDoctor. ‎Results: The analytical research of general parameters of 3 software: HoloDoctor, ‎DoctorCT-Slicer, Vitrea2 was conducted. 2 real clinical cases were reviewed by ‎using augmented reality glasses – HoloLens.‎ Conclusion: The loading of 3D models of the organ or organ systems with ‎the presence of a simulation module to DoctorCT-Slicer will allow preoperative ‎simulation actions including the use of holographic reality glasses. The program ‎DoctorCT-Slicer also provides the integration of 3D reconstructions of bodies in ‎the simulation complex HoloDoctor with the use of holographic reality points to ‎simulate surgery.

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