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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 6

HPTLC Analysis And In Vitro Biological Activity of Dodonaea Viscosa Download PDF

Naira Nayeem, Nasir Ali Siddiqui, Mohd. Imran, Bader Alsuwayt

Dodonaea viscosa is a plant widely distributed in Saudi Arabia. It is traditionally used to treat diabetes, malaria, inflammation angina, arthritis, etc. However, there have been no reports of work done from the plant grown in Saudi Arabia. The current investigation was done to analyze the presence of plant metabolites using HPTLC analysis and to evaluate the in vitro anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of the methanolic extract. HPTLC fingerprint analysis of the extract was carried out using CAMAG HPTLC system and was then scanned using CAMAG Scanner 3 at 365 and 254 nm using WinCATS 4 software. The results of the HPTLC investigation of the methanolic extract proved the presence of nine constituents, two of which were identified as kaempferol and rutin. The methanolic and chloroform extracts were analyzed for antioxidant activity by the DPPH method. The methanolic extract showed better results in comparison to the chloroform extract confirming the scavenging capacity of the extract. The inhibition of albumin and proteinase inhibitory activity methods were used to evaluate in vitro anti-inflammatory activity. The percentage of inhibition of protein denaturation of the methanolic extract was within the range of 78.02-85.09%, while the proteinase inhibitory activity was within the range of 31.03-67.24%. It was concluded that the methanolic extract of Dodonaea viscosa possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and this was attributed to the active phytoconstituents‎‎‎‎.

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