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Open Access | Published: 2020 - Issue 2

Improving Training of Pharmaceutical Specialists for Consultation in Pharmacy Organizations Using Interactive Forms of Education ‎‎ Download PDF

Soboleva Mariia Sergeevna, Loskutova Ekaterina Efimovna

Introduction: The introduction of practice-oriented learning implies the use of both traditional academic and experimental creative techniques as well as competency-based approaches. The aim of the study: was to assess the effectiveness of training students based on protocols of primary accreditation before and after the introduction of the discipline using interactive forms of training. Materials and methods: A comparative analysis of the results of the second stage of primary accreditation of graduates of Far East State Medical University with a specialty "Pharmacy," before (2016) and after (2019) the introduction of discipline (n=101) in the students of full-time and correspondence courses. Results: The proportion of satisfactory responses of accredited increased by 21 estimated parameters out of 24. The most demonstrative indicators are parameters: "Explanation of pharmacological action" by 14%; "Offering over-the-counter drugs" by 21%; "Justification of proposed drugs" by 29%; and "Professionalism" by 9%. There was a 2% decrease in the frequency of reminders of the visit to medical specialists. Discussion: Improving accredited responses proves an increase in the qualification of specialists, and a decrease in the number of mentions, about visiting a doctor, demonstrates the expediency of standardizing the algorithm of consultations taking into account the compliance of patients. Conclusion: Introduction of the discipline "Pharmaceutical consultation" using interactive methods of education allowed to improve the quality of preparation of specialists for future work with patients in pharmacy organizations, as well as to justify the expediency of a practical approach to the educational process in the specialty "Pharmacy"‎.


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