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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 0 supplementary

Investigating the effect of heat exposure on distraction in male and female in laboratory conditions Download PDF

Zohreh Mohebian1, Younes Mehrifar2*

Harmful physical agents such as heat can be affected on human cognitive performance. This study aimed to investigate the effect of heat on the distraction of male and female was conducted in a controlled environment. This empirical study was conducted in the heat stress chamber. The distraction was measured using the Toloz-Piron test, after exposure to different levels of heat (22°Cand37°C) for 90 minutes. The mean performance score of male in comparison to female in terms of distraction and double working conditions, was significantly lower(p<0.05).The average speed and accuracy of female were significantly more than male(p<0.05).At 22°c,female had better performance than male in terms of distraction, doing double work, speed and accuracy. The results showed, exposure to heat in the condition of distraction and work doubling, male’s efficiency generally decreased more than female’s and approximately to half. So it is recommended that male do not do two works at the same time, when exposed to heat. When people are doing cognitive performances strong, heat reduces their accuracy and speed
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