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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 2

Investigating The Status Of Burnout Among Iranian Nurses: A Systematic Review Download PDF

Mohsen Hojat, Mojtaba Zeinijahromi

Background: Job burnout is indicative of acute stress between an individual and his job. Nurses are more exposed to job burnout than other members of the medical team. However, studies have shown different statistics in this regard. The present study was designed and carried out with the aim of determining the status of job burnout in Iranian nurses. Materials and Methods: The present study is a systematic review study based on the PRISMA guide, that conducted by studying 29 English and Persian articles related to job burnout among nurses, without time limit and with (or-and) strategy. The keywords that were searched included: job burnout, job burnout in nursing, job burnout in nurses, job burnout in personnel, job burnout in therapeutic team and job burnout in health care providers. Screening of articles was done in four stages of initial search, review of articles, examination of title and abstract of articles, access to all articles and studying full text of the articles. Results: The rate of job burnout in emotional exhaustion was 24.33±10.55, in depersonalization was 8.33 ± 5.62, at an average level, and in personal accomplishment was 30.83 ± 9.10, at a low level. Conclusion: According to the average level of job burnout in nurses and its impact on the quality of patient care, therefore, nursing managers and authorities should take the necessary steps in order to understand the causes of burnout and eliminate them.

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