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Open Access | Published: 2020 - Issue 3

Kinetin Efficacy for Physiological Attributes of Mash_ Linear or Sigmoidal Expression Model Download PDF

Ghulam Yasin, Farah Akmal, Saima Aslam, Samia Khan, Sana Anwer, Aqsa Khan

The experiment was managed for finding the Kinetin efficacy indices to draw its dose-response curves accompanied by emphasize on plant genotypic variations by their response. Four genotypes i.e., MASH 80, MASH 88, MASH 97 and MASH ES-1 were sprayed thrice with Kinetin concentrations of 25.0, 50.0, 75.0, 100.0, 125.0, and 150.0 mgL-1. Plants were grown in pots filled with sandy loam soil. Pots by number were replicated four times for each concentration and were randomized completely by their placement design. Data were measured on the expiry of ten days after completion of Kinetin spray. Data revealed that chlorophyll-a concentration was significantly influenced by all levels of Kinetin while the least significant doses for carotenoids and chlorophyll b increase were 75mgL-1 and 100 mgL-1 respectively. When plotted against Kinetin levels, change in chlorophyll-a concentration was linear except in MASH 80 where sigmoidal expression was observed like in all genotypes for other pigments. MASH 80 responded at the most for change in pigments concentration while MASH ES-1 was least responding genotype in this regard. A significant change in water potential started at 100 mgL-1. Change in water potential and osmotic potential of all genotypes was sigmoidal for Kinetin levels except in plants of MASH 88. The genotypic variation was found consistently.

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