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Open Access | Published: 2020 - Issue 4

Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice of Type-2 Diabetic Patients About Physical Activity at Primary Health Care Centers Download PDF

Hind Furaij Al Otaibi, Abdullah F. Al Otaibi, Sameer N. Anbatawi, Sultan M. Hussain, Abdulaziz S. Bashir, Mohammed A. AL Shareef

Background: It is properly established that physical activity is a powerful non-pharmacological interference to enhance diabetes manipulation and should be an integral component of the care strategy of diabetic patients. Aim Of The Study: To explore a potential strategy for diabetes control and avoidance of diabetes-related complications through the encouragement of physical activity about style two diabetes mellitus. Objectives: To evaluate knowledge, attitude, and practice of style two (DM) patients attending primary healthcare centers (PHCCs) in Jeddah city, regarding physical activity. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out among a multistage random sample of type-2 diabetic patients registered at “Al-Rehab” and “Al-Safa-2”PHCCs in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. The data collection tool included four parts; socio-demographic and medical data, nineteen True/False questions on knowledge regarding physical activity, five statements related to attitude toward physical activity, and the General Practice Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPPAQ) to assess the practice of physical exercise among the participants. Results: The study included 223 types, 2 diabetic patients. Their age ranged between 18 and 87 years (47.6±14.1 years). Their total knowledge score about physical activity ranged between 11 and 17 with a median (IQR) of 12 (10-14). Professional workers (p=0.022) and patients with higher income p=0.034) were more knowledgeable than their counterparts. Saudi patients expressed more positive attitude than non-Saudis, p-0.001. The commonest reported barriers for practicing physical exercise were not having energy which helps to do exercises (43.9%). Conclusion: Awareness about the physical activity of style two diabetics is overall acceptable. Their attitude toward physical activity is encouraging. However, their physical activity practice is deficient.

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