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Open Access | Published: 2022 - Issue 1

Objective Criteria in Evaluating the Consequences of the Posttraumatic Scars Download PDF

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Most of the population has scars which are related to a traumatic event. In current forensic practice, two-dimensional measurement of the scar surface is used to analyze a scar, but for an objective evaluation of the scars, it would be necessary to measure its volume to capture all the characteristics. Moral suffering as a negative consequence of the presence of the scar should also be measured by using psychometric scales to attest the degree of internalization or production of aesthetic damage given that any person suffers from the awareness of unsightly wounds or scars. This article reviews the literature on available tools and existing assessment methods used to objectively and subjectively characterize scars of various etiologists. car assessment devices must be non-invasive, accurate, provide reproducible data, be easy to use to facilitate data collection, and have clinical support. Existing devices can evaluate such parameters as foldability, firmness, color, perfusion, thickness, and, three-dimensional topographies. In this study, we described the main scales that consider the analysis of scars, being represented by aesthetic, observational, and psychometric scales. The psychometric scar scales will objectify the negative consequences of scars, these consequences are felt mainly in the family and professional, without losing sight of the fact that any person suffers from awareness unsightly wounds or scars. The consequences of aesthetic damage have negative effects on the family and profession, but especially on the decrease in self-esteem and self-confidence of individuals with unsightly scars.

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Mekeres GM, Buhaș CL, Bulzan M, Marian P, Hozan CT. Objective Criteria in Evaluating the Consequences of the Posttraumatic Scars. Pharmacophore. 2022;13(1):56-61.
Mekeres, G. M., Buhaș, C. L., Bulzan, M., Marian, P., & Hozan, C. T. (2022). Objective Criteria in Evaluating the Consequences of the Posttraumatic Scars. Pharmacophore, 13(1), 56-61.

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