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Open Access | Published: 2022 - Issue 6

Phytoniosomes: A Phytoplankton-Derived System for Targeted Drug Delivery Download PDF

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Niosomes increase drug bioavailability and address issues with drug insolubility, instability, rapid degradation, and lower treatment costsBy incorporating herbal medications into the delivery method, niosomes are created to enhance their toxicity protection, sustained delivery, pharmacological action, tissue macrophage distributions, and resilience to chemical and physical deterioration. By limiting a drug's activity to its intended target cells, niosomes make it less toxic and raise its therapeutic index. Niosomes, a novel medication delivery method, help increase therapeutic effects while decreasing adverse effects in herbal compositions. This study's goal is to draw attention to the use of phytoniosomes. Niosomes, a new type of drug delivery vehicle, are useful in herbal formulations because they lessen toxic effects while enhancing therapeutic effects. This article reveals details regarding niosomes and the use of herbs in niosomes. To acquire the data for the aforementioned study, research and review publications from different publishers, including Hindawi, Elsevier, Springer Nature, and Bentham Science, were examined using Google Scholar as a search engine. Herbal medicines containing water-soluble phytoconstituents are less absorbed due to their large molecular mass and less lipid solubility. To overcome these drawbacks, numerous experiments are being done that try to incorporate herbal components into cutting-edge pharmaceutical delivery systems like niosomes. Improvements in stability and pharmacological activity, are also brought about by the formulation of phytoniosomes. Numerous studies employing different phytoniosome have been conducted. However, more studies are required to gauge the potency of the phytoniosome using a variety of herbs.

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Wal A, Vig H, Mishra M, Singh R, Rathore S, Tyagi S, et al. Phytoniosomes: A Phytoplankton-Derived System for Targeted Drug Delivery. Pharmacophore. 2022;13(6):50-60.
Wal, A., Vig, H., Mishra, M., Singh, R., Rathore, S., Tyagi, S., Kalita, J., & Wal, P. (2022). Phytoniosomes: A Phytoplankton-Derived System for Targeted Drug Delivery. Pharmacophore, 13(6), 50-60.

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