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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 6

Possibilities and Perspectives of Social Marketing in Rehabilitation of Patients with Breast Cancer Download PDF

Yury V. Przhedetsky, Elena G. Popkova, Natalia V. Przhedetskaya, Jeff French

The purpose of this article is to determine the possibilities and perspectives of using social marketing and rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. The methodology of the research is based on an application of standard methods of socio-humanitarian sciences: analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, formalization, and a specialized economic method – marketing mix. The authors show the ineffectiveness of rehabilitation of breast cancer patients, which is a problem in modern Russia, and prove that social marketing possesses wide possibilities of application in the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. The work views the main direction of applying the tools of social marketing in this process and determines the elements of its marketing mix, as well as offers a perspective model for applying social marketing in the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. It is concluded that using social marketing in the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients is justified and expedient. As compared to state monopoly for such rehabilitation, social marketing allows satisfying the current demand for it very effectively. Due to a wide specter of accessible tools, social marketing provides a possibility for the provision of commercial profit for sponsors, attracting private and corporate investors for rehabilitation of breast cancer patients.

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