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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 3

Reinforcement of Airway Clearance by Quake Device Training in Patients with Chronic Bronchitis Download PDF

Nesreen Ghareeb El Nahas, Abla Hamed

Background: There are different airway clearance techniques (ACTs) that deals with lung drain of sputum which include percussion, vibration, deep breathing and huffing or coughing till the modalities that uses forced expiratory pressures which reinforce the drainage of sputum in an easy way. Aim: This study was directed to determine the effect of Quake device training on reinforcement of airway clearance in patients with chronic bronchitis. Subjects: Forty patients from both sexes (22 women and 18 men) were diagnosed clinically according to GOLD STANDRED 2016 have moderate (GOLD 2) COPD with age ranged from 40-50years enrolled in the study. They were chosen from outpatient clinic of chest department in Internal Affairs Police Hospitals. Methods: Patients were assigned into two groups equal in numbers. Group (A): Twenty patients (12 women, 8 men) received Quake device twice daily, 3 times/week for 8 weeks plus breathing exercises (diaphragmatic and localized breathing exercises), Group (B): Twenty patients (10 women, 10 men) received postural drainage technique twice daily that was carried out according to sputum anatomical presentation revealed in the chest radiograph (x-ray), 3 times/week for 8 weeks plus breathing exercises (diaphragmatic and localized breathing exercises). All participants were assessed by arterial blood gases analyzer to measure arterial blood gases (Pao2, Paco2, PH, Hco3), and used 30 ml medical graduated cup for sputum collection and assessment of its amount. Results: For group (A) results showed a statistical significant difference between pre and post-treatment mean values of blood gases with percentage of improvement in Pao2, Paco2, PH and Hco3 by about 23.27%, 12.89%, 3.87% and 35.3% respectively. For group (B) results showed a much lesser improvement in blood gases parameters as Pao2, Paco2, PH and Hco3 by about 14.25%, 6.18%, 2.4% and 16.74% respectively. Regarding the amount of sputum there was improvement in the amount of sputum that was ranged from half spoon to 5 ml for group (A) to nearly 1 spoon for group (B). Conclusion: It was concluded that Quake device boosted the airways to easily drain its secretions with positive impact on blood gases while posture drainage is likewise important with less positivity than Quake device.

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