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Open Access | Published: 2021 - Issue 6

Review on Optic Neuritis Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Management Approach Download PDF

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Optic neuritis (ON) is a sight-threatening condition characterized by inflammation of the optic nerves. The condition can be classified into typical-ON and atypical-ON. The majority of cases are typical and are the result of acute demyelination as part of multiple sclerosis. While the atypical form represents only a small portion and is caused by different underlying pathologies such as neuromyelitis Optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD), infections, and other systemic diseases. We aimed to review the literature looking into optic neurites, with their clinical features and management in particular typical optic neuritis. PubMed database was used for articles selection, papers were obtained and reviewed. Optic neuritis can manifest in many different ways, but the most common presentation is a sudden onset of unilateral retro-orbital pain with varying degrees of visual loss. The course of the disease is progressive reaching its peak in 2 weeks period with subsequent gradual improvement. majority of patients regain their base visual acuity within a year. Management of typical-ON can be broken down into two aspects acute and long-term. Acute management is aimed at decreasing the severity and duration of symptoms but doesn’t change the final disease outcome. Corticosteroids are the initial drug of choice in the acute setting with other modalities being reserved for resistant cases, these alternative options include plasmapheresis, Immunoadsorption, IVIG, and possibly erythropoietin. After acute recovery patients may start long-term therapy with DMDs to decrease the chance of developing MS and prevent future relapses.

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Al-Kalaif ZS, Alzayer HG, Al-Suwat HA, Almalki MA, Almarashi BK, Alasmari TAY, et al. Review on Optic Neuritis Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Management Approach. Pharmacophore. 2021;12(6):23-7.
Al-Kalaif, Z. S., Alzayer, H. G., Al-Suwat, H. A., Almalki, M. A., Almarashi, B. K., Alasmari, T. A. Y., Alharthi, S. H. S., Al Harthi, A. A., & Alhamar, A. I. (2021). Review on Optic Neuritis Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Management Approach. Pharmacophore, 12(6), 23-27.

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