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Open Access | Published: 2018 - Issue 3

Simulation of A GAN-Based Optical Diode with Sapphire Sub-Layer Which Is Shaped Patterned Hemisphere, Using Pointing Vector Analysis Download PDF

Marjan Abbasi, Seyed Ali Hashemizadeh

 Creating light source has always been an interesting matter in the field of optical devices. One of the activities in this field is the effort to build optical diodes and High-efficiency lasers. The aim of this study was to use optical diodes based on GAN with Shaped patterned hemisphere algorithm using Pointing vector analysis can cause modification in output light efficiency. In this article we get to know with time-based finite difference method as one of the analyzing and electromagnetic equations solving and also check out parsing method and data analysis by using  APSYS simulator. Results of simulation not only infer that PSS can decrease reflexive angle in the form of hemisphere, but also increase the Transmission angle and all this so that light reflection on it to be increased, moreover, increasing cone in its formula causes increase in light performance

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