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Open Access | Published: 2022 - Issue 6

Sleep Deficiency as a Risk Factor for Hypertension: A Systematic Review Download PDF

Abdelrahman Mohamed Ahmed Abukanna, Basil Falah Ayed Alanazi, Sulaiman Turki Arfaj Alanazi, Essa Abdulrhman Mater ALHarbi, Thamer Mohammed Matrud Alanazi

The importance of sleep to one's physical, mental, and emotional health cannot be overstated. In addition to contributing to neurological and psychological issues, a lack of sleep has also been shown to negatively affect the cardiovascular system, according to research in the literature. Heart disease (CVD) risk factors such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and dyslipidemia have been linked to decreased sleep quantity and quality. We searched PubMed, Web of Science, Science Direct, EBSCO, and the Cochrane library. Using Rayyan QCRI, study papers were first screened by title and abstract before a full-text analysis was done. Results: This review covered a total of 8 research, with participants ranging in age and sex. More than half were male. In all included studies, the hypertension prevalence was obtained and then studied concerning sex and age group. Different methods of measuring sleep duration were used in the included studies, but they are all valid. The key finding of the majority of the research under consideration is that adolescents with short sleep duration had elevated blood pressure. Long periods of sleep may be linked to high blood pressure, although the evidence does not make this connection evident.

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Abukanna AMA, Alanazi BFA, Alanazi STA, ALHarbi EAM, Alanazi TMM. Sleep Deficiency as a Risk Factor for Hypertension: A Systematic Review. Pharmacophore. 2022;13(6):35-41.
Abukanna, A. M. A., Alanazi, B. F. A., Alanazi, S. T. A., ALHarbi, E. A. M., & Alanazi, T. M. M. (2022). Sleep Deficiency as a Risk Factor for Hypertension: A Systematic Review. Pharmacophore, 13(6), 35-41.

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