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Open Access | Published: 2021 - Issue 4

Spreading awareness regarding antibiotic resistance in Saudi Arabia Download PDF

Hayat Ali Al-Zahrani

Due to the use of indiscriminate and unnecessary antibiotics, resistance to antibiotics is a significant worldwide matter of healthcare dilemma, which requires critical consideration. Medical university students are the future healthcare provider. Their awareness of this fact is thus tremendously imperative. A self-structured survey targeting different aspects of skill behavior, and knowledge regarding antibiotic use and its resistance was distributed among the health professional students. In total 100 students participated in the study. Our results showed that 15% of them strongly agreed that antibiotics are secure drugs; hence, they can be frequently used. 36% do not refer to a physician before starting an antibiotic earlier prescribed by doctors. Only 10% of students recognize the practices and factors that contribute to the resistance of the germs to antibiotics. Moreover, 22% of students have good practices and knowledge about Antibiotic use and how to avoid germs resistance. Our results showed significant evidence concerning inappropriate skills, behaviors, awareness, and practices about antibiotic resistance and use among future health professional students. Education programs could be used to outline accurate awareness about antibiotic use among all health professional students. This may help in the control of antibiotic resistance and thus preservation of antibiotics use for future generations

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Al-Zahrani H A. Spreading awareness regarding antibiotic resistance in Saudi Arabia. Pharmacophore. 2021;12(4):41-7.
Al-Zahrani, H. A. (2021). Spreading awareness regarding antibiotic resistance in Saudi Arabia. Pharmacophore, 12(4),41-47.

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