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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 6

Study on Growth Indicators of Children Under One-Year-Old According to Nchs Criterion in Southern Iran Download PDF

Mohsen Hojat, Vahid Mogharab

Introduction: understanding the growth indicators of the children under one-year-old in the small towns and villages and comparing them with large cities, we can recognize the growth disorders and their patterns and do specific planning if required. Therefore, the current study aimed at determination of the growth indicators in children less than one-year-old in 2012. Method: the current study is a cross-sectional-analytical study on 313 children under 1 year who were selected with census method in 2013 from the towns Ahl and Eshkanan and their surrounding villages. The data collection instrument was a questionnaire whose reliability and validity was approved by 6 experts. Also the CVR; /72 and CVI:/73 were calculated and its reliability was calculated as 0.97 by the Kappa coefficient on 10 cases. The data were analyzed and interpreted using SPSS16. Findings: there were no significant relationships between the father and mother age, education, income, number of children, and successful deliveries and the criteria measured in the given period of time using Chi Square and Spearman tests (p>0.05). Although there were no significant difference between the girls and boys in body weight, but the difference between height and head circumference was significant (p<0.05). Conclusion: The result of the current study affirms the propriety of children growth indicators until they are 6 months old and after this time, the children undergo deviations from the growth percentile. The factors affecting this phenomenon must be studied and analyzed in a prospective study.

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