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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 3

The Effect of Low-Power and High-Power Laser Therapy on Pain, Tenderness and ‎Grip Force of The Patients with Tennis Elbow Download PDF

Leila Fekri, Alireza Rezvani, Noureddin Karimi‏‎, Kamran Ezzati‎ ‎

Objective: Tennis elbow disorder causes pain and tenderness in the lateral section of ‎the elbow and it has also been found reducing the grip force of the individual. The ‎objective of the current research paper is a comparative evaluation of the effect of high-‎power and low power laser therapy on the pain, tenderness and grip force of the ‎patients with such a syndrome. ‎Study Method: Thirty individuals previously diagnosed with tennis elbow disorder ‎participated in the study after being subjected to the study inclusion and exclusion ‎criteria. The variables studied herein were the pain intensity, tenderness and the grip ‎force of the participants. The aforementioned variables were examined based on visual ‎pain scale, algometer and dynamometer before and after the treatment. ‎The study subjects were randomly assigned to two treatment groups: 1) group one, ‎which was subjected to the high-power laser therapy and common treatments (n=15) ‎and 2); group two, which was subjected to low-power laser therapy and common ‎treatments. The treatments were administered in ten sessions, six days in a week. ‎Evaluations were carried out at the beginning, and the end of the treatment sessions by ‎a therapist. To determine the changes in the variables in both of the treatment groups ‎after the termination of the treatment sessions, paired t-test was used, and independent ‎t-test was applied to compare the two foresaid methods. ‎Findings: The results of the study indicated that the effect of the high-power laser ‎therapy along with the common treatments were statistically significant in the reduction ‎of pain, tenderness and the increase in the grip force of the patients (P<0.05); also, the ‎use of low-power laser therapy along with common treatments was found creating ‎significant differences (P<0.05), but a comparison of the two treatment groups was not ‎suggestive of any significant differences between them in terms of any of the variables ‎‎(P>0.05).‎
Conclusion: Both types of low-power and high-power laser therapy along with ‎common physiotherapy treatments were effective on the reduction of pain and ‎tenderness and the increase in the grip force of the patients with tennis elbow; and they ‎did not show any significant differences‎‎‎.

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