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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 5

The Effect of Ultrasound on the Quality of Dried Food Download PDF

Habib Vahedi

 Drying is the oldest technology used for food preservation that improves sustainability by removing water.  Today, drying is employed to prevent microbial spoilage, delay the process of spontaneous spoilage, and restrict damage to food and agricultural products resulted from a wide range of macro-organic or mechanical factors. It has been observed that the quality of products is affected by the lengthy process required for drying. Also, due to the high heat capacities of water and energy consumption, it is necessary to examine the usage of new drying methods such as ultrasound.  Despite the well-conducted studies on the use of this technology, its operational position in drying industry has not been clarified sufficiently. Therefore, the present study has aimed to investigate the use of ultrasound in this industry. Method: The method has been explained in the paper under the related heading.  The results show that although using ultrasound and electric as well as magnetic pulses for food storage is still in its early stages of development, such methods have interesting applications especially in the case of liquid foods.  In addition to drying, ultrasound enhances product quality and is economical in terms of money, energy, and time for the food industry and technology, and packaging.

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