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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 0 supplementary

The impact of aflatoxin B1 on sperm quality and sperm DNA damage in NMRI mice Download PDF

Tohid Mohammadi1, Iraj Pousty2, Hassan Gilanpour3

Background and objective A number of papers have reported the deficiency of reproductive health in human, as animals, over the past years. The factors causing these deficiencies, including environmental and industrial factors, treatment, food toxins, and lifestyle, have been investigated. Among the food toxins, aflatoxins are one of the factors causing deficiency in reproductive health of men. In the current research, we aim to investigate the impact of aflatoxin B1 on sperm characteristics and chromatin quality and sperm DNA damage using aniline blue and acridine orange technique. Methodology In the current research, 40 adult male NMRI mice were used in four groups (each group containing 10 mice). Experimental groups received aflatoxin B1 per day with doses of 100-350 and 700 mg / kg for 35 days in the form of gavage at the same maintaining conditions. However, the control group received only the aflatoxin solvent in the same way. Spermatozoids were isolated from tail of epididymis. The number of sperm and survival rate, mobility, morphology, DNA damage, and quality of sperm chromatin were examined. Findings The data obtained in the current research revealed that sperm motility and survival rate and the number of them decreased significantly in groups treated with aflatoxin compared to control group. Moreover, the percentage of DNA-damaged sperms and abnormal chromatin and non-adult forms increased significantly in mice treated with aflatoxin. Discussion Reproductive dysfunction is one of the secondary complications of sub-lethal dose of aflatoxin, associated with disability in sexual power and reduced sperm quality caused by testicular dysfunction. The obtained findings confirm the hypothesis that aflatoxin has direct impact on sperm production and parameters and DNA and cramatine quality of sperm by inducing damage to testicle.
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