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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 3

The Relationship Between Participation in Physical Activity, Environmental Health and Sport Facilities Status Among Citizens of Sanandaj Download PDF

Abobakr Ravand, Seyed Abbas Afsanepurak

As a social phenomenon, sport has affected lifestyle among a large number of people all over the world in different physical, economic, political, and social ways. The present study aimed to examine the health and environmental status of sports venues and its relationship with the level of participation in physical activities among Sanandaj citizens. The statistical population included the outdoor and indoor sports spaces (a minimum of 250 m2) and the citizens of Sanandaj. The study sample consisted of 22 sports venue and 380 participating citizens. Data collection tools included two researcher-designed questionnaire and two data collection forms. Descriptive statistical indices were used to analyze the collected data, and one sample t-test and Pearson Correlation Coefficient were utilized for correlation analysis. The result of the present study showed that there was a significant relationship between the health (p=0.0001, r=0.68) and environmental (p=0.0001, r=0.88) status of the sports venues and the citizens’ participation in physical activities. Moreover, there was no significant relationship between the level of participation in physical activities and demographic characteristics like gender and education level (p=0.725, r=0.31). However, there was a significant relationship between age and the level of participation in physical activities (p=0.008, r=0.430). According to the results of the present study, it can be stated that health and environmental issues are among important challenges for citizens in doing physical activities and using sports venues, and taking such issues into consideration can cause Sanandaj citizens to become willing to take a more active part in sports activities.

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