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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 0 supplementary

The Study of Effects of Entrepreneurship Training on Occupational Interests and on Female Students of State and Private Schools of district 6 to choose their field of study Download PDF

Nahid Sadeghi-Tabar1, Ramazan Jahanian2*

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of entrepreneurship training on occupational interests and on female students studying in state and private schools of district 6 of Tehran to choose their field of study. The research method is quasi-experimental and the study population is 3820 female students, 120 of whom were evenly divided into two groups of control and testing. In order to teach entrepreneurship, we used the KAB package of entrepreneurship and to gather data, we used the Holland occupational interest questionnaire with reliability of (α=. /92) and to choose a field of study we used the disciplines approved by the ministry of education. The data used in this research, analyzed according to descriptive statistic, and its statistical mean, standard deviation, frequency and percentage were calculated. Moreover, according to inferential statistic, we used the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, F Levin statistical test, Friedman test, and covariance analysis. According to the main hypothesis of this research, it is showed that entrepreneurship training has affected occupational-educational interest with (f=31.87) and significance level of (0.000) and has affected the decision on choosing a field of study with (f=30.82) and significance level of 0.000). Studying the ranking of occupational-educational interests of students showed that they were interested in the following fields before being taught entrepreneurship: Creative/Artistic occupations (5.09), Organizing/Conventional, occupations (5.07), and rescuer (4.79). After being taught entrepreneurship, they showed interests in the following fields: Creative/Artistic occupations (4.79), Persuasive/ Impetus (3.86), realistic/hardworking (3.71). Analyzing the frequency of students’ tendency towards fields of study before and after being taught entrepreneurship showed that students had become interested in technical and professional disciplines.
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