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Open Access | Published: 2019 - Issue 6

Unwanted Pregnancy After Earthquake in Bam City, Iran Download PDF

Mina Moeini, Nasrin Mokhtari, Zamane Vafaei

Introduction: Pregnancy and childbirth are always at risk in many regions of low and middle-income countries.This is especially  during and after natural disasters.For this reasons, many couples would rather not to risk pregnancy during this period;however, lack of contraceptives to postpone pregnancy when family planning isn't performed and neglected.This can have serious consequences which is named unwanted pregnancy.Here,we analyzed effect of some factors on unwanted pregnancy after earthquake.

 Methods: It was a cross-sectional study on 256 randomly pregnant women who were referred to different health centeres in Bam city. Data was conducted base on questionnaire, and all the analysis was performed using SPSS(version19 statistical analysis soft ware).

Results:The prevalenc of unwanted pregnancy was 28.1% .Therfore,there were significant relationship between unwanted pregnancy and age of couples, education of couples , pregnant woman job, history of unwanted pregnancy , type of comtraceptive , number of children,sex of children .

Conclusion:The prevalence of unwanted pregnancy was high in this study.Our assessment showed a critical step for disaster-affected family is consultation with couples(not only women) to identify the factors relating with unwanted pregnancy.


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