Archive \ Volume.8 2017 Issue 5

A Stereological Study: Effect of Pomegranate Hydro-Alcoholic Extract On Testis of Rats

Esrafil Masnouri , Hassanali Abedi , Mohammad Ali Izadi , Mojtaba Fattahi Abdizadeh

Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) fruit is widely consumed as fresh fruit and juice.  All parts of this plant were used to treat various ailments. The aim was a quantitative study on the rat testis after administration of pomegranate hydro-alcoholic extract. Eighteen adult male Wistar rats (180- 200 gr) were divided into three groups; each group containing six rats. One milliliter distilled water, 250 (mg/kg) and 500 (mg/kg) pomegranate hydro-alcoholic extract were given daily for eight weeks by gavage to rats in the first, second and third groups, respectively. After 8 weeks the rats were anesthetized and their testes removed and were studied using stereological methods. The results revealed that the testes weight, testis index and volume of testes were increased in the receiving groups extract as well as the volume of somniferous tubules and interstitial tissue in these groups in compared with the first group (p <0.05). However, no differences were observed between groups in length of the seminiferous tubules (p>0.05). The results revealed that pomegranate hydro-alcoholic extract not only had no adverse effects on the testes but also increased testicular weight, cell density of the tubules and interstitial tissue in tests of rats.