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Open Access | Published: 2017 - Issue 3

Investigating General Health Among Technologists in The Operating Room Download PDF

Fariba Nasir Ziba, Mohammad Faryab Asl, Sedigeh Hanani, Hamid Haqqani

Background: general health of operating room technologists who work as part of the medical team directly affects the provision of high quality and safe care for patient and reduces medical errors. This study was conducted to examine the general health of technologists of operating room in educational hospitals of Iran University of Medical Sciences has been made.

Methods and materials: In this study, 194 technologists of the operating room in educational hospitals of Iran University of Medical Sciences in 2016 were studied. Data were collected through two questionnaires of demographic information and GHQ-28 general health and they were analyzed using F (ANOVA) test, Scheffe test, and independent t-test. 

Results: The mean age of operating room technologists was 31.5 years. In this study, 154 people (79.4%) were women and 40 people (20.6%) were men, out of which 155 (79.9%) had a bachelor degree in the operating room and 39 people (20.1%) had an associate degree in the operating room.  In this study, 129 (66.5%) operating room technologists had severe degree of general health dysfunctions and 65 of them (33.5%) had a favorable general health state. The most frequency related to social dysfunction (60.8%) and the lowest was related to depression area (12.9%). Mean scores on the general health of men and women were statistically different (P = 0.014) so that women had a lower level of general health compared to men, but no significant difference was found in mean scores of general health of people in terms of education level(p=0.162)  and marital status(p=0.078). 

Conclusion: according to the results obtained from this study, the majority of the operating room technologists have the dysfunction in general health level, therefore, it is suggested to take measures to prevent or reduce occupational hazards to increase general health among operating room technologists by providing a variety of educational programs and strategies


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