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Open Access | Published: 2020 - Issue 2

On the Issue of Non-Hormonal Stimulation of The Reproductive Function of Rams ‎‎ Download PDF

G. V. Osipchuk, S. N. Povetkin, A. N. Simonov, M. N. Verevkina, V.A. Karatunov, M. G. Yakovets
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Osipchuk G V, Povetkin S N, Simonov A N, Verevkina M N, Karatunov V, Yakovets M G. On the Issue of Non-Hormonal Stimulation of The Reproductive Function of Rams ‎‎ . Pharmacophore 2020;11(2):73-6

This work was carried out in the course of research aimed at finding the possibility of non-hormonal stimulation of the reproductive function of rams outside the lambing season. The subjects of the study were sheep of different breeds. The research was conducted in production conditions. Natural preparations were used, which were administered as injections or as a feed additive. When stimulating the reproductive function of rams through the use of non-hormonal drugs, the indicators of sexual activity and the parameters of reproduction were taken into account. Also, biochemical blood parameters and testosterone levels were monitored. The positive influence of the used stimulation schemes on sexual activity and the quality of the sperm of rams were established. Testosterone levels in sheep experimental groups to the end of the study were 9.85±5.23 and 18.21±8.28 mmol/l, and in the control was 6.05±2.5 mmol/l. Some regularities of changes in biochemical indices of rams' blood are noted in experimental groups.

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